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Calathea makoyana - Baby

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  • Meet the Calathea makoyana, a beautiful plant that will enchant you with its unique leaf pattern and vibrant appearance. With its large leaves in a soft green color, decorated with dark green ovals and purple undersides, the Calathea makoyana is a true work of art of nature. This plant adds a touch of tropical beauty to any space and is sure to garner the admiration of any plant lover.

The Calathea makoyana thrives best in an environment with bright, indirect light. It is important to avoid direct sunlight as this can damage the leaves. This plant loves high humidity, so regular spraying and placing a humidifier nearby will contribute to its well-being. Keep the soil slightly moist, but avoid overwatering to prevent root rot.

The Calathea makoyana thrives in well-drained potting soil and it is advisable to fertilize the plant regularly during the growing season. Keep an eye out for potential pests, such as thrips or spider mites, and treat them if necessary. With its beautiful leaf patterns and air-purifying properties, the Calathea makoyana is a perfect choice for plant lovers who want to add a touch of exotic beauty and a soothing atmosphere to their interior.

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    Details of the plant
    Botanical name Calathea makoyana
    Altitude 10cm
    Pot size 6cm
    Place Parashadow
    Water requirement Keep moist
    Toxic Animal Friendly
    Repot Every 2 years
    Packaging Special plants mail box
    Maintenance Normal