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Lemon tree - 180 cm - ø24

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Lemon Tree: Fresh Citrus Beauty for Your Garden

With a height of 180 cm and a diameter of ø24 cm, the Lemon Tree brings a refreshing citrus splendor to your garden. This fruit tree is not only a visually appealing addition, but also provides the opportunity to harvest delicious lemons for use in culinary creations or refreshing drinks.


  • Light: Place the lemon tree in a sunny location where it receives at least six hours of direct sunlight per day to promote healthy growth and an abundant harvest of lemons.
  • Water: Water the tree regularly, especially during dry periods, and ensure the soil is well-drained to avoid waterlogging.
  • Pruning: Regular pruning promotes the growth and shape of the tree and stimulates the production of new fruits.

With its vibrant evergreen leaves and fragrant blossoms, the Lemon Tree not only adds beauty to your garden, but also a touch of freshness and vitality.

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