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Animal-friendly plant set

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Safe and Stylish Plant Set for Pets

For plant lovers who also have pets, we offer a set of 4 houseplants that are safe for dogs and cats. These plants do not pose any danger, even to curious four-legged friends, because they are not poisonous. Visually, our pet-friendly houseplants are also a beautiful addition to any space.

The Perfect Plant Mix:

  • Curled fern 'Green Lady': This elegant fern adds a touch of freshness and liveliness to your interior with its wavy leaves.

  • Calathea Rufibarba: The charming Calathea Rufibarba adds a touch of exotic beauty with its velvety, dark green leaves with striking red undersides.

  • Golden Palm: The refined Golden Palm, with its soft, light green leaves, adds a touch of tropical elegance to any room.

  • Grass lily: For lovers of hanging plants, we also have the easy-to-care grass lily in the collection. This cheerful plant adds a playful element to your interior.

Includes Stylish Baskets:
These plants are supplied with suitable baskets, including the Lisbon basket in white. This plant basket, made of environmentally friendly jute, exudes toughness and fits in various interiors. With natural tones and a white bottom, this basket is ideal for various houseplants.

Hand-woven within the sustainable Terima Kasih project, the production process uses completely biodegradable fibers without fossil fuels. With this plant set you not only create a greener living environment for yourself, but you also contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Fast delivery

Directly from the grower to you: receive your new plant at home within 3-5 working days.

Safely packaged

Your new plants are shipped safely in specially designed boxes, so that they arrive undamaged and fresh.

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