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White Orchid Set & Reed Basket

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A bouquet with excellent flowers that you can enjoy for months. Embrace the beauty of nature with your Mono Bouquet, equipped with a handy inlay with water reservoir. This bouquet consists of three of the same Kolibri Orchids with a pot size of 12 centimeters.

The water reservoir ensures that Kolibri Orchids provide themselves with water, which makes caring for them easier.

How does it work?

Step 1
Fill the water reservoir with water up to the indicated arrow. Please note: prevent the water from rising above this point, otherwise the roots of the orchid will be in the water. The plant does not like this.

Step 2
Push the water wicks into the bottom of the growing pot until the rod has completely disappeared. This has usually already been done for you.

Step 3
Make sure the water wicks are well submerged in water. The plants can provide themselves with water via the water wicks.

Step 4
Check the water level in the water reservoir once a week by removing the reservoir from the bowl. If necessary, add water through the center of the inlay.

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