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Tillandsia Ring (Medium) - Ø17cm - ↕30cm

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Tillandsia Ring Mix (Medium): A Vibrant Air Purifier

A Vibrant Mix of Tillandsias:
Discover the Tillandsia Ring Mix (Medium), a beautiful composition of vibrant air plants that add a fresh and natural look to any space. This mix contains a variety of Tillandsia species, each with their unique shapes and textures.

Compact and Stylish Design:
With a pot size of Ø17cm and a height of ↕30cm, the Tillandsia Ring Mix (Medium) is a compact and stylish addition to your interior. The ring-shaped design makes it easy to hang these air plants from a hook or plant stand.

Air Purifying Properties:
Tillandsias are known for their air purifying properties, where they absorb harmful substances from the air and convert them into oxygen. With the Tillandsia Ring Mix (Medium) you not only bring greenery into your home, but you also improve the quality of the air around you.

Easy to Maintain:
The Tillandsia Ring Mix (Medium) requires minimal maintenance. These air plants thrive with regular watering and can be placed in a spot with bright, indirect light. With their natural growth and self-sustaining nature, Tillandsias are the perfect choice for busy plant lovers.

A Vibrant Eye-catcher:
Hang the Tillandsia Ring Mix (Medium) in your living room, office or even in the bathroom to create a lively and green atmosphere. The different shapes and colors of the Tillandsias provide a playful and artistic look that you can enjoy every day.

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