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Traditional "moyo" pot with earrings D16

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Traditional "moyo"  terracotta pot with earrings D16 

Diameter: 16 CM (inside max 12 CM)
Height: 12 CM
Plate Ø: 16 CM

All Colombian Boho pottery is handmade with natural clay by Colombian artisans, who have been making traditional terracotta crafts for centuries. By buying our pots, you support a local community of craftsmen in Colombia and help secure the further existence of their beautiful craft.

 All our terracotta pots have a drainage hole, so you can plant your plant directly into the pot.

We only recommend this for plants who need little to medium watering. It's perfect for Monstera, Philodendron, Dieffenbachia, Cactus, Ficus, Pachira Aquatica, Hoya, etc.

For plants that need a lot of water, we recommend keeping your plant in a plastic pot. This is the case for Calathea, Maranta, Fittonia, Begonia, etc.

After watering your plants, the terracotta coasters will collect the water, but they also absorb the water. Please don’t put them on wooden or other delicate surfaces as they can be damaged by the humidity. The solution that we suggest is to apply adhesive felt pads at the bottom of the coasters to protect your floor or furniture.

 Please keep in mind that if you plant directly into the terracotta pot, the colour of your pot will change, painted colours will fade and limescale and mold can appear. If you want to prevent this, keep your plant in the plastic pot and put this pot into the terracotta pot.

 Please keep in mind that these products are handmade, rustic and imperfect. The color and finish are always slightly different. Each piece is unique!