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Crystal Clear Water Bottle Crystal Wand - Howlite

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Activate your drink with Crystal Clear energies Embrace the healing properties of natural crystals with our NEW Crystal Water Bottles, infused with natural gemstones. Simply choose your crystal and add water to create an elixir filled with natural energies and rejuvenation. Is your mind full of noise? Howlite works to bring calm and contemplation, helping you get back to balance, turning any turbulent waves into a gentle flow. When your hot-headed side becomes more dominant this stone can help you to take a moment to consider all angles for better perspective and clarity. An excellent absorber of stress and tension, Howlite is an amazing tool to have to hand during moments of pressure. Soothe your heart and calm your soul with this calming stone Each Mindful Living Crystal Water Bottle comes in retail-ready packaging, great for gifting. BPA & Lead-Free, with NO harmful plastic or toxins. Made from glass and holds 550ml/18Oz of liquid.