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Crystal Clear Water Bottle with - Opal Crystal Wand/Point

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Activate your drink with Crystal Clear energies Embrace the healing properties of natural crystals with our NEW Crystal Water Bottles, infused with natural gemstones. Simply choose your crystal and add water to create an elixir filled with natural energies and rejuvenation. Looking for a savvy supportive stone? Then Opal is perfect for you, bringing balance and harmony to your being, this gem has internal energy that encourages you to be your true self and have courage and strength. An amplification stone meaning that if you give it a thought or feeling an Opal will help you see clearly and project a message out to the Universe, removing any junk that clouds your vision. Opal invites you to let go of old wounds and patterns and pursue positive change, helping you to heal relationships and gain a better understanding of your own feelings. Each Mindful Living Crystal Water Bottle comes in retail-ready packaging, great for gifting. BPA & Lead-Free, with NO harmful plastic or toxins.