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Het laten uitkomen en verzorgen van de Stephania erecta bol

Hatching and caring for the Stephania erecta bulb

The Stephania erecta, also known as the "Hole In The Heart" plant, is a fascinating and rare plant species native to parts of Asia and Africa. It is a member of the Dioscoreaceae family and is known for its unique appearance and growth patterns. Growing and caring for this plant can be a challenge, but with proper attention and care, gardeners can be rewarded with a beautiful Stephania erecta in their collection. In this blog we will discuss the steps you need to follow to make the bulb emerge and how to care for this special plant.

Part 1: Hatching the Stephania erecta bulb

  1. Purchase of the bulb:

Before you start, it is essential to purchase a healthy and viable Stephania erecta bulb. We often have these in stock in our store in Bruges. It is best to buy the stephania in a store because it does not like to be sent by post due to humidity. Check that the bulb is firm and free of damage or disease.

  1. Soil mixture:

This plant thrives best in a well-drained and light substrate. A mixture of equal parts potting soil, perlite and sand is ideal. It helps prevent waterlogging and rot, which is crucial for successful growth.

  1. Plants of the bulb:

Carefully place the Stephania erecta bulb into the soil mixture, making sure the top portion is slightly above the surface of the soil. This prevents the bulb from being buried too deeply and can help prevent rot.

  1. Heat and humidity:

This plant likes heat and high humidity. Place the pot in a warm and bright location, but avoid direct sunlight. Cover the pot with a clear plastic bag to create a greenhouse effect and increase humidity. Be sure to open the bag daily to reduce condensation and prevent mold formation.

  1. Patience:

Germination of the Stephania erecta bulb can take some time, sometimes even several months. It is important to be patient and check regularly for signs of growth. As soon as the first shoots appear, you can carefully start caring for your new plant.

Part 2: Care of the Stephania erecta plant

  1. Light:

Once germinated, the Stephania erecta needs bright but indirect light. Place the plant on a windowsill with filtered light or use an artificial grow light if natural light is limited.

  1. To water:

This plant has a unique watering regime. During the growing season (spring and summer) you should water regularly and ensure that the soil remains slightly moist. In winter, however, the Stephania erecta needs a rest period, during which you should drastically reduce watering. The bulb may even dry out above the ground for some time, but be careful not to let it dry out completely.

  1. Climbing aid:

As the plant grows, it will need a climbing aid to climb. Use a moss stick, bamboo sticks or a trellis to support and guide the plant.

  1. Temperature:

The ideal temperature for the Stephania erecta is between 20°C and 30°C. Make sure the plant is protected from drafts and sudden temperature changes.

  1. Power supply:

Feed the plant with a balanced liquid fertilizer every few weeks during the growing season. In winter, when the plant is dormant, you do not need to apply fertilizers.


Growing and caring for the Stephania erecta can be challenging, but with patience and dedication it is possible to help this special plant grow and thrive. By ensuring the right growing conditions, a good substrate and a suitable climbing aid, this beautiful climbing plant can become a real eye-catcher in your plant collection. Remember to regularly check for signs of growth and provide the plant with the necessary heat, light and humidity. Good luck growing your Stephania erecta!

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