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10 x Outsiders box - Ø12

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Discover the charm of imperfection with our unique "Buitenbitjes Plant Box". This carefully curated collection contains 10 beautiful plants, each with a diameter of approximately 12 cm, that need a little extra love and attention. Although these plants show minor damage, they offer an excellent opportunity to show off your green fingers and transform them into true showpieces.


  • 10 unique plants with minor damage.
  • Diameter per plant: 12 cm.


  • Perfect for plant lovers who like to care for and breathe new life into plants.
  • An environmentally friendly choice; By adopting these plants, you help prevent waste and contribute to a more sustainable world.
  • A challenging and rewarding experience for any gardener, beginner or expert.
  • Ideal for indoors, balconies, or small gardens.
  • Each plant is unique and offers the opportunity to experiment with different care techniques.

Please note: These plants may require a little more care and attention than your standard houseplant. However, with proper care they will soon grow into healthy and beautiful green additions to your home or garden.

Get your "Buitenbitjes Plant Box" today and start a unique green adventure!

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