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4 x 6er set Lavender angustifolia - 24 x Ø7 cm - ↕15 cm

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The Lavender angustifolia is a beautiful perennial plant known for its wonderful scent and graceful flowers. This set contains 24 plants, each with a diameter of 7 cm and a height of approximately 15 cm.

These 24 plants are good for 4 linear meters of lavender border.

  1. Location: The Lavender angustifolia thrives best in a sunny and well-drained soil.
  2. contents of the set: The set contains 24 plants.
  3. Diameter: Each plant has a diameter of 7 cm.
  4. Height: When delivered, the plants have a height of approximately 15 cm.
  5. Water use: The Lavender angustifolia requires moderate water and tolerates drier conditions.
  6. Growth rate: The Lavender angustifolia grows averagely and forms a compact plant.
  7. Mature Height: When fully grown, the Lavender angustifolia can reach a height of approximately 60 cm.
  8. Winter hardiness: The Lavender angustifolia is winter hardy and can tolerate cold temperatures well.
  9. Flower color: The Lavender angustifolia produces beautiful purple flowers that brighten up the garden.
  10. Scent: The Lavender angustifolia has a wonderful lavender scent that creates a relaxing atmosphere.
  11. Deciduous: The Lavender angustifolia is deciduous and retains its leaves all year round.
  12. Pruning: The Lavender angustifolia can be pruned back slightly after flowering to maintain its shape and compactness.
  13. Pruning month: It is best to prune back the Lavender angustifolia after the flowering period.

The Lavender angustifolia is an easy-to-care plant that thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. It requires moderate water and can handle drier conditions well. The plants have an average growth rate and form compact bushes with beautiful purple flowers that bring your garden to life.

The Lavender angustifolia is winter hardy and can tolerate cold temperatures well. It retains its evergreen leaves all year round, keeping your garden colorful even in the winter months. After flowering, the plants can be pruned back slightly to maintain their shape and compactness.

Enjoy the wonderful lavender scent that these plants give off, giving your garden a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. The Lavender angustifolia is also attractive to bees, butterflies and other pollinators, making it a valuable addition to the biodiversity in your garden.

In short, the Lavender angustifolia set of 24 plants offers you the opportunity to beautify your garden with the beautiful flowers and wonderful scent of lavender. Order this set now and create a soothing and atmospheric environment where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

How are my plants shipped?

We ship our plants in durable blister packs to keep them fresh and undamaged during transport. The packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic and is designed to require less material for the same level of protection.

The light weight of the packaging ensures less impact on the environment during transport. In addition, the design ensures that the packages can be easily stacked and no space is wasted.

As a consumer you can easily recycle the packaging, resulting in less waste.

Why do we choose plastic blister packaging?

Nowadays, plastic often gives us bad feelings when we think about it in the context of sustainability. Understandable, but sometimes its use is a well-considered choice.

We specifically choose 100% recycled plastic, so we do not require new raw materials to produce our packaging. The packaging is very strong and robust, which ensures that the plants arrive fresh and intact. This means fewer plants are wasted and we can provide you with a high-quality product.

The packaging is moisture-resistant and translucent, creating a microclimate in the packaging. This climate provides sufficient moisture and light during transport, so you receive extremely fresh plants thanks to the blister packaging.

In addition, plastic packaging requires extremely little energy to recycle and produce. The energy efficiency of this was decisive when selecting the suitable protective packaging for our lavender plants. What was most important to us is that we have selected packaging that you as a consumer can easily recycle, so that you do not contribute to waste and waste formation.

By taking all these sustainable steps, we can supply high-quality plants with an eye for the environment.

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