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Alocasia Red Secret - Ø14cm - ↕35cm

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Alocasia Red Secret - An Enchanting Houseplant

Origin and Appearance Meet the Alocasia Red Secret, an enchanting houseplant that immediately attracts attention. This beautiful plant has its origins in the tropical regions and is known for its striking appearance.

Compact Dimensions The Alocasia Red Secret comes in a Ø14 cm pot, which is perfect for any indoor space. With a height of approximately 35 cm, this Alocasia is an elegant addition to your plant collection.

Suitable Light Conditions Place this plant in a spot with bright, indirect light to ensure it thrives in an environment that resembles its natural habitat. The Alocasia Red Secret thrives best in moderate light conditions.

Simple Care Taking care of the Alocasia Red Secret is simple. The plant requires minimal maintenance and is generally resistant to common plant diseases. Regular watering and ensuring appropriate humidity are important for its well-being.

Striking Red Accents What makes the Alocasia Red Secret so special are the striking red accents on the leaves. This distinctive color adds a touch of allure to any room and makes the plant a visual highlight.

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