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Alocasia Zebrina - ↨75cm - Ø19cm + Alocasia Lauterbachiana - ↨75cm - Ø19cm

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About these houseplants

This houseplant mix creates a green vibe in your home. The Alocasia Zebrina and the Alocasia Lauterbachiana are the ideal ingredients for a tropical cocktail.

Fresh from the nursery

All houseplants are carefully selected by our plant experts and shipped directly from our nursery. Our plants are grown as organically as possible and grow in a greenhouse that runs on solar energy and geothermal heat.

Air purification

These plants are air-purifying houseplants, which means that these plants keep the air in the house clean and supplied with oxygen. In addition, houseplants make people happy. Really – just try it!

To water

These Alocasias like to receive a regular drink of water and prefer moist soil. A glass of water every week is sufficient. Give the Elephant's Ear a little plant food twice a month. In winter, plant food once every two months is sufficient.


Place the Alocasia in a bright spot, but try to avoid direct sunlight. Avoid drafts, as this houseplant does not like them. Turn the Elephant Ear regularly so that the houseplant does not grow crooked.

Packaging & delivery

We pack your houseplants in a sturdy box, specially designed for houseplants. The plants and the potting soil are protected by a protective cover. The houseplants are secured in the box. This way, your houseplant is not only delivered fresh and healthy, but also undamaged.

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Fast delivery

Directly from the grower to you: receive your new plant at home within 3-5 working days.

Safely packaged

Your new plants are shipped safely in specially designed boxes, so that they arrive undamaged and fresh.

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