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Pineapple Rosita - Ø12cm - ↕35cm

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Pineapple Rosita - Bring the Tropics into your home

Origin and Appearance

Tropical Splendor

Meet the Pineapple Rosita, a tropical beauty that turns your interior into an exotic oasis. This special plant comes straight from the tropical regions and brings a touch of paradisiacal splendor to your living space.

Refreshing Dimensions

Compact Grandeur

The Pineapple Rosita is supplied in a 12 cm pot and currently has a height of approximately 35 cm. Despite her modest size, she radiates grandeur and transforms any place into a vibrant piece of tropical paradise.

Suitable Lighting Conditions

Tropical Sunshine

Place the Pineapple Rosita in a spot with partial shade to ensure it thrives in an environment that resembles its natural habitat. This plant thrives in moderate light and feels comfortable in the soft, tropical sunlight.

Simple Care

Easy to Care for

Caring for the Pineapple Rosita is effortless. It requires regular watering and thrives in an environment with suitable humidity. It is important to keep the soil moist without the roots standing in water.

Exotic Appearance

Tropical Surprise

The Pineapple Rosita is distinguished by its striking appearance, with green leaves and a characteristic pineapple shape. This plant adds a touch of exotic beauty to any space, creating a feeling of refreshment and natural splendor.

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