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Anthurium mix 5L

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Using the mix is ​​easy! Start by removing as much old soil as possible. Gently squeeze the pot while holding it sideways to loosen the plant. Hold the carrots under lukewarm tap water to remove the last bits and pieces. Also remove any dead leaves that are still on the plant with scissors. Now your plant is ready for its fresh Anthurium soil. Add a small layer of Anthurium mix at the bottom of the pot. Place the plant in the pot and slowly add Anthurium soil to the sides to fill the pot. Make sure that the point where the roots touch the plant is just below the anthurium soil. Lightly dab the anthurium mixture into the pot. Make sure you water the Anthurium mix well after repotting, this will help the mixture and the roots to establish. Because Anthuriums are epiphytic and usually have larger roots, there is plenty of coconut husk and orchid bark to make room for them. Anthuriums are sensitive to rot and the added activated carbon and perlite creates a combination of aeration and purification in the soil at any time. This significantly reduces the risk of root rot. The perfect anthurium mix!

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