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Campanula Addenda - Bellflower purple pot size 12cm - 2m2 ground cover - 12 pieces - Ambella purple - garden plants - winter hardy

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The exuberant floral beauty of this Addenda Campanula forms a radiant centerpiece in your garden. With their classic yet cheerful appearance, the Addenda Campanulas are perhaps the most rewarding plants you can think of. This set of 12 purple Campanulas are perfect to bring your garden to life. The Campanula is very suitable for pots, hanging baskets, and it also looks good in flower boxes. The campanula has a pot size of 12 centimeters. Is there still a bare patch of ground left in your garden? Also plant a campanula there, as it is also a beautiful ground cover.

Care of the Campanula
The Addenda Campanula is completely winter hardy, the plant rests in the winter and then blooms beautifully again. A spot in partial shade or a spot with indirect sunlight is perfect for this plant. Water the plant twice a week and remove spent flowers. Then it will continue to bloom longer. With a little love, the Campanula can bloom several times a year.

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