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Green mix 3 plants - Monstera obliqua 'Monkey Leaf' - 25 cm - ø12 - Philodendron Brandtianum - 35 cm - ø12 - Anthurium Chrystallium - 35 cm - ø12

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Enrich your green living environment with our Green Mix, a harmonious combination of three unique plants. The graceful Monstera obliqua 'Monkey Leaf' (25 cm), the charming Philodendron Brandtianum (35 cm) and the enchanting Anthurium Chrystallium (35 cm) together form a lush collection. With their various shapes and shades of green, these plants bring a refined natural splendor to any room. Each plant has been carefully selected for its beauty and ease of maintenance, making the Green Mix the perfect choice for both novice and experienced plant lovers. Transform your home into a green paradise with this remarkable combination.

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