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Green mix 4 plants - Monstera obliqua 'Monkey Leaf' - 25 cm - ø12 - Aglaonema Juliette - 40 cm - ø12 - Syngonium Mottled - 25 cm - ø12 - Aglaonema Cutlass - 40 cm - ø12

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Bring nature indoors with our Green Mix of 4 unique plants. The graceful Monstera obliqua 'Monkey Leaf' (25 cm), the elegant Aglaonema Juliette (40 cm), the charming Syngonium Mottled (25 cm) and the refined Aglaonema Cutlass (40 cm) form a lush and varied collection. Each with its own character and beauty, these plants bring a touch of green splendor to every corner of your home. Easy to maintain and perfect for both beginners and experienced plant enthusiasts. Create a lively and stylish ambiance with this Green Mix, a symphony of natural diversity.

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