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Opuntia Ficus Indica - 140 cm - Ø50cm

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Opuntia Ficus Indica: A Beautiful Addition to your Interior

Opuntia Ficus Indica, also known as the prickly pear cactus or disc cactus, is a striking and exotic houseplant that is a real eye-catcher in any room. With a height of 140 cm and a diameter of 50 cm, this plant adds an impressive element to your interior.


  • Light: Place the Opuntia Ficus Indica in a place with plenty of bright, direct sunlight. This cactus thrives in bright light and can even tolerate direct sunlight.
  • Water: Water the plant sparingly, especially during the growing period in spring and summer. Allow the soil to dry completely between waterings to prevent root rot.
  • Temperature: This cactus thrives at normal room temperatures between 18-24°C. Make sure the plant is protected from cold drafts.

The Opuntia Ficus Indica is known for its flat, oval leaves that resemble discs, and its beautiful flowers that can appear in the summer. With its unique appearance, this plant adds a touch of desert landscape to your interior and is an excellent choice for succulent lovers.

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