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Pilea Glauca 15cm - Ø15cm - ↕25cm

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Pilea Glauca: A Sophisticated Addition to your Green Oasis


The Pilea Glauca, also known as the silver teardrop plant, is a charming and compact houseplant with small round leaves that have a silvery sheen. With a pot size of Ø15cm and a height of 25cm, this plant is perfect for tables, shelves or as part of a plant arrangement.


The Pilea Glauca thrives best in bright, indirect light and regular watering. Allow the top layer of soil to dry slightly between waterings. Avoid direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves. This plant likes high humidity, so regular spraying is recommended.

Decorative Accent:

With its silvery leaves, the Pilea Glauca adds a touch of elegance and freshness to any room. Place it on a windowsill, desk or bookshelf to add a subtle but striking accent to your interior.

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