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Plant sprayer - Old Zinc

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Plant sprayer - Old Zinc

Essential Tool for Gardeners: This plant sprayer is an essential tool for every gardener, not only during cultivation, but also during plant maintenance. During germination, the gentle, fine mist will moisten the soil without washing away the seeds. Plants can absorb water not only through their roots, but also through their leaves. Especially at low humidity, it is important to keep the leaves of the plants moist inside and outside.

Easy to Use: This plant sprayer is designed for one-handed use, making it easy to care for the plants without any hassle. The fine spray nozzle ensures an even distribution of water, ensuring optimal hydration of the plants.


  • Dimensions: ↕ 15 cm
  • Old zinc design
  • Easy to use with one hand
  • Fine mist nozzle

Multifunctional: This plant sprayer can be used for various applications, such as moistening potting soil during sowing, spraying leaves for optimal humidity, and caring for plants both indoors and outdoors.

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