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Pokon Bio Treatment Plant Capsules - 12 pcs for Healthy Houseplants

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Discover Pokon Bio Treatment Plant Capsules

Promote the Health of Your Houseplants: These capsules contain a powerful, traditional herbal extract that increases the natural resilience of houseplants. They provide nourishing and strengthening care, making your plants less susceptible to external stressors such as heat, drought and cold.

Encourage Strong Root Development

Robust Defense System for Your Plants: The capsules stimulate the development of secondary roots, which is essential for a strong defense system. This leads to healthier and more resilient plants, which are better able to withstand various environmental influences.

Safe and Effective Use

Fruits Safe to Consume: Treated plants produce fruits that, after a simple wash, are safe to eat. This makes the capsules ideal for houseplants in living and dining areas.


Simple and Flexible in Use: Use the capsules during the entire growth period of your plants. Repeat the treatment every four weeks for best results. If necessary, treatment can be applied more frequently. Please note: the capsules emit a natural scent.

Packaging and Sustainability

12 Capsules per Pack: With 12 capsules in each pack, Pokon Bio Kuur offers a convenient and sustainable solution for maintaining healthy and resilient houseplants.

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Fast delivery

Directly from the grower to you: receive your new plant at home within 3-5 working days.

Safely packaged

Your new plants are shipped safely in specially designed boxes, so that they arrive undamaged and fresh.

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