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Sarracenia Catesbaei - Ø12cm - ↕23cm

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Sarracenia Catesbaei: A Fascinating Carnivorous Beauty

Unique Carnivore Plant:
Discover the intriguing Sarracenia Catesbaei, a carnivorous plant that fascinates you with its unique and exotic characteristics. This carnivorous plant is known for its striking leaves that are adapted to attract and capture insects.

Enchanting Dimensions:
The Sarracenia Catesbaei is supplied in a pot size of Ø12cm and has a height of ↕23cm. Although not large, its unique appearance makes it a striking addition to any plant collection.

Special Care:
This carnivorous plant requires special care to thrive. Place it in a sunny spot where it can get plenty of direct sunlight. Always keep the soil moist with distilled water and avoid using fertilizers.

Insect catcher:
What makes the Sarracenia Catesbaei so special are its spotted, calyx-like leaves that attract and trap insects. This plant is a natural insect catcher and adds a unique element to any room.

A Fascinating Discussion Topic:
Whether you are an experienced gardener or simply looking for an interesting addition to your plant collection, the Sarracenia Catesbaei is sure to turn heads and lead to fascinating conversations about the wonders of nature.

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