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Syngonium Red Heart - Ø19cm - ↕35cm

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Syngonium Red Heart: An Enchanting Foliage Plant

A Striking Beauty:
Meet the Syngonium Red Heart, a beautiful foliage plant that immediately attracts attention with its unique leaf colors and patterns. This plant is known for its striking red heart-shaped leaves, making it a real eye-catcher in any room.

Perfect for Indoor Spaces:
The Syngonium Red Heart is supplied in a pot of Ø19cm and has a height of ↕35cm. With its compact size, this plant is ideal for indoors and fits perfectly on windowsills, desks or as part of a plant arrangement.

Simple Care:
This Syngonium thrives in bright, indirect light and needs regular water to keep the soil slightly moist. Make sure that the plant does not get too much direct sunlight to prevent leaf burns. With minimal care, the Syngonium Red Heart will retain its beautiful leaves.

A Versatile Planting Option:
The Syngonium Red Heart is not only a visually appealing plant, but also a versatile choice for indoor spaces. It can be placed in hanging pots or on pots, giving you different decoration options.

A Lively Addition to your Interior:
With its vibrant red leaves, the Syngonium Red Heart adds a pop of color to any room. Whether you place it as a solitary plant or combine it with other houseplants, this Syngonium will certainly attract attention.

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