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Gids voor het vermeerderen van uw Pothos plant | Stera

Guide to Propagating Your Pothos Plant

There's a secret behind how all gorgeous plants look sprawling and full: cuttings. The word "propagate" by definition means to regrow, multiply or clone a plant. As children, we are taught that plants start out as a small seed that grows slowly over time. The reality is that you can grow your own plants much faster by cutting pieces from the stems.

Here's a complete guide on how to propagate a houseplant from stem cuttings. The most popular way to experiment with propagation is with the vining Pothos plant. However, this method also works for hundreds of your favorite houseplants! Follow these simple steps to regrow your plants to make them grow bigger and happier.


Clean your tools.

Grab a pair of garden shears. If you don't have one, don't worry! A knife or scissors may also work. But before cutting, you need to disinfect the blades. Gently apply rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to your blades before bringing them to your plants.
Most people overlook this step, despite its importance. When you cut off a stem shears, you create an open wound on your plant: an easy entry point for bacteria. Whenever you use scissors on one plant and then on another, especially if you use them indoors and outdoors, you should disinfect your scissors well between different plants.


Find where to cut.

Second, find a place on your Pothos vine to cut. Every cutting needs at least one leaf and at least one node. A node is best described as a "line" that runs through the stem, from which the roots will grow. When you've found a good spot, cut under one of the knots. This step takes some courage at first. You got it! After all, pruning can be very beneficial to plants, so they will thank you later.

Put in water or soil.

After taking the cutting, you have two options: place the cutting in water or in soil. I recommend propagation in water because it's faster, easier to track progress, and fun to see how the process goes. Either way, both are effective.


Get a small grow pot filled with well-draining soil. Press a hole a few centimeters deep in the center of the soil, as if you were going to plant a seed. Carefully place the cutting in, so that the bottom is buried. Firmly press the soil around it so that the cutting does not wobble back and forth.
Depending on the circumstances, it can take 1-4 weeks for the cutting to take root. To check for new roots later, give the plant a gentle tug. If you feel it resisting, it means the root system has started growing.


Simply place the cutting in a pot of water where the growing plant will receive medium or bright sunlight. Change the water every few days as you watch the roots grow. Healthy roots should be white or pale yellow, just like teeth. Some plants take root quickly, within a few days, but others can take up to a month. Pothos are known to tolerate a long healthy life in water, but most plant parents choose to move the cuttings to soil when the roots are overgrown and fanned out.

That's all there is to say about it. Now you have a healthy growing plant on its way to becoming a mature vining beauty! Once your cutting has grown, you have several options from here. These plant babies are great for sharing, so you may find yourself swapping or gifting these cuttings to friends. Or, you can keep them all to yourself!
To create the illusion of a large and full plant, try potting these cuttings back into the pot they were cut from. Now the circle is complete and you have made two of one plant. As a result, you have a fuller and larger plant to show off. This is the beauty of plant propagation! For even more houseplants, check out what we have in stock on Keep growing!

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