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Office planting

Green in the office: Boost productivity and well-being!

Moss wall

Strengthen your brand with evergreen moss walls!
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Plant Maintenance

Carefree green with our maintenance service!

Green Business Gifts

Impress with green: choose your unique promotional gift!

Green in the workplace: The power of plants in your company

Plants as a source of power: Bring vibrancy, health and happiness into your office space for a better working environment.

The Essential Benefits of Plants in the Office

Improved Air Quality

Increased Productivity and Concentration

Psychological Well-being

Stera offers local green expertise and a passion for plants, aimed at creating plants that fit seamlessly with your corporate culture and vision.

Office Planting

Bring Life to Your Workplace! Discover the transformative power of office landscaping. Increase productivity, well-being and creativity with our tailor-made plant solutions. Click here for more information and let us transform your office space into a green oasis.

Plant maintenance

Make your green dream come true effortlessly with our plant maintenance service! We take care of everything - from periodic maintenance to nutrition and pest control - so that your plants always stay fresh and vibrant. Click here and enjoy an ever-blooming, worry-free environment!

Business gifts

Make an impression with a unique, green gift! Our promotional gifts, from graceful trees to elegant dried flowers, are perfect to show appreciation and strengthen relationships.

Hey there, I'm Olivier!

Hey there, I'm Olivier!

Brightening up offices with greenery is my passion. Whether you are looking for office plants, need maintenance, want original business gifts or want to have a cool moss wall installed - I will arrange it for you!

My mission? Creating green places that make everyone happy.

Fancy a greener office? Send me a message and let's get started!