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8 x Outsiders box - Ø12

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Welcome the unique beauty of nature into your home with our "Buitenbitjes Plant Box". This special set consists of 8 carefully selected plants, each with a diameter of approximately 12 cm. These plants have some minor damage, but are ready to transform into beautiful green gems with your love and care.


  • 8 special plants with slight imperfections.
  • Diameter per plant: 12 cm.


  • A great opportunity for plant enthusiasts to demonstrate their care skills and contribute to plant recovery.
  • Contributes to a greener planet by reducing plant waste.
  • An exciting challenge and a satisfying experience for both novice and experienced gardeners.
  • Perfectly suited for indoor spaces, balconies or small gardens.
  • Each plant offers a unique opportunity to explore and apply different care methods.

Important: These plants may require a little more attention and care than your average houseplant. However, with proper care, they will quickly blossom into healthy, beautiful plants that will be an asset to any space.

Bring the "Buitenbitjes Plant Box" with 8 pieces into your home today and start an inspiring green adventure, while helping to protect the environment!

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