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Chamaerops Humilis shrub - 200 cm - ø40

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Chamaerops Humilis Shrub: A Robust Addition to your Garden

With a height of 200 cm and a diameter of ø40 cm, the Chamaerops Humilis Shrub is a robust and attractive choice for gardens and outdoor spaces. This graceful dwarf palm, also known as the European fan palm, adds a touch of Mediterranean charm with its fan-shaped leaves and compact growth habit.


  • Light: Place the Chamaerops Humilis in a sunny to semi-shady location.
  • Water: Water regularly during the growing season, but allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Reduce watering during the winter months.
  • Soil: Provide well-drained soil to prevent waterlogging.
  • Winter protection: Protect the plant from severe frost by covering it with a cloth or moving it to a sheltered location.

With its attractive appearance and easy care, the Chamaerops Humilis Shrub is an excellent choice for Mediterranean plant lovers who want to add a touch of exoticism to their garden.

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