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Citrus Kumquat - 150 cm - ø40

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Citrus Kumquat: A Refreshing Addition to Your Garden

With a height of 150 cm and a diameter of ø40 cm, the Citrus Kumquat brings a touch of Mediterranean charm to your garden or terrace. This citrus tree not only adds beauty but also provides delicious fruits that can be enjoyed in various culinary preparations.


  • Light: Place the Citrus Kumquat in a sunny location where it receives at least six hours of direct sunlight per day to promote optimal growth and fruit set.
  • Water: Water the tree regularly, especially during the growing period, making sure the soil remains evenly moist.
  • Temperature: This tree thrives in moderate temperatures between 15-25°C and should be protected from frost.

With its glossy green leaves and small, oval fruits, Citrus Kumquat not only adds beauty to your garden, but also offers the joy of growing your own citrus fruits. Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or have a passion for culinary creations, this citrus tree is sure to be a valued addition to your outdoor space.

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