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Nephrolepis Boston Green Moment - Ø12cm - ↕20cm

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Nephrolepis Boston Green Moment: A Classic Boston Thunderer

Origin and Characteristics The Nephrolepis Boston Green Moment, also known as the Boston fern, is a classic houseplant prized for its lush green leaves and air-purifying properties. Native to tropical regions, this fern species thrives indoors and adds a touch of natural beauty to any room.

Compact Dimensions With a pot size of 12 cm and a height of approximately 20 cm, the Nephrolepis Boston Green Moment is perfect for smaller spaces, such as windowsills, desks or bookshelves. Its compact size also makes it ideal for terrariums or small indoor gardens.

Care Tips This fern species thrives in environments with bright, indirect light. Make sure that the potting soil remains slightly moist, but avoid leaving the roots in water to prevent root rot. Regularly spraying the leaves helps increase humidity and keeps the leaves dust-free.

Air Purifying Properties In addition to its decorative value, the Nephrolepis Boston Green Moment is also known for its ability to improve air quality by filtering harmful substances from the air. Having this fern in your home can therefore contribute to a healthier indoor climate.

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