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Philodendron Imperial Green - Ø17cm - ↕60cm

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The Philodendron Imperial Green is a beautiful evergreen houseplant that adds a touch of tropical beauty to any space. With its lush green leaves and air-purifying properties, this plant is not only a feast for the eyes, but also beneficial for the air quality in your home. Supplied in a sturdy pot with a diameter of 17 cm and a height of 60 cm, this Philodendron is an impressive eye-catcher that brightens up any room.


The Philodendron Imperial Green thrives in bright, indirect light and moderate watering. Make sure the soil remains slightly moist but not soggy, and avoid direct sunlight to prevent leaf burn. With its moderate care requirements, this plant is ideal for both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts.

Decorative Accents:

Thanks to its lush and lush growth, the Philodendron Imperial Green is a versatile plant that easily adapts to different interior styles, from modern to classic. Place it in a corner to brighten up a dull space, or use it as the centerpiece of a table arrangement for a striking accent.

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